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LinearB API Overview

LinearB's REST APIs provide a unified and standardized interface for interacting with the LinearB platform. This allows developers to easily integrate with our system and retrieve the necessary data to fulfill their specific needs. The communication between the API client and server is achieved through the exchange of data in JSON format, which is a lightweight and widely used data interchange format.

Before you start

You will need: LinearB API Token - In order to use LinearB REST API an API token must be pass as a parameter (key:”x-api-key”) in the request header For more information on how to generate an API token visit here

Rate Limits

Tracking of call volume operates on a minute-based system. Within this structure, rate limits are individually assigned to each endpoint, allowing a maximum of 60 calls per minute for each specific endpoint


  • Deployments
  • Measurements
  • Health
  • Teams
  • Services
  • Incidents (Beta)