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WorkerB Inline Approve PR


When users are assigned to review PRs with up to 5 lines of code changed in a single file, a special review request shall be sent with an inline image of the code chnage, and a button to approve the PR directly from Slack, with an optional custom message.

Pesronal connection

To allow apprving PRs from Slack on behalf of the user, WorkerB requires personal OAuth with the Git provider.

When the user clicks Approve for the first time, they will be redirected to a webpage that asks for a perosnal OAuth with Git provider, once completed you will be able to approved PRs.


Rolled out: all GitHub + OAuth + Slack

Compatibility matrix:

Service Supported Comments
GitHub cloud
GitHub on-prem
GitLab cloud ⚠️ OAuth only (PAT is not supported)
GitLab on-prem
BitBucket cloud ⚠️ OAuth only (PAT is not supported)
BitBucket on-prem PAT only
Azure DevOps cloud PR size and ETR are not available
Azure DevOps on-prem
MS Teams