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WorkerB Unassigned PR

Many teams are not assigning some PRs to specific reviewer, but instead share PR links with the team and ask for review. According to out data 40% of the PRs are not assigned to a reviewer.

To help teams that use this behavior, WorkerB is monitoring open PRs and suggest the author to share them. The author can choose this as a default behavior for open PRs in a repo.


When a PR either:

  1. Opened
  2. Draft mode is switched off

Then, after a delay of 2 minutes, a message is sent to the author as long as the following conditions take place:

  1. Reviewers are not set
  2. The PR is open
  3. The PR is not in Draft mode

Suggest to share message

If the above pass, then a message is sent to the PR author on the LinearB bot channel (personal).

The message offer to share the PR with a selected channel. In addition the user can choose this as a default behavior for future PRs, hence unassigned PRs on this repository shall be shared in the selected channel.

Request for review message

Once shared, the selected channel(s) will get the PR review request.

The message includes context and link to the PR.

Further notifications

If this behavior is set to default, future unassigned PRs will shared in the previously selected channel(s).

A personal notification shall be also sent to the PR author informing and allowing to disable this behavior for future PRs.


Rolled out: LinearB and selected customers

Compatibility matrix:

Service Supported Comments
GitHub cloud
GitHub on-prem
GitLab cloud
GitLab on-prem
BitBucket cloud
BitBucket on-prem
Azure DevOps cloud PR size and ETR are not available
Azure DevOps on-prem ?
MS Teams